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Honouring outstanding young people in Yorkshire Raising funds for deserving charities

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Winners 2018

Winners 0 - 12 years

Sporting Achievement

Bailey Matthews

Bailey has cerebral palsy affecting his mobility – since 2015 he has completed 15 triathlons and inspired parents of other disabled children to encourage and support their children into sport – hosted his own triathlon for children of all abilities – regularly takes part in local parkrun events and is now raising funds to help provide specialised equipment to help disabled children access sport – he undertakes inspirational speaking engagements – a sporting superstar even though he always comes last!

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Young Carer

Eleanor Risdon

Eleanor is a young girl who has already been through a lot with having to flee domestic violence. She is 1 of 4 children, 3 of the others have medical needs, 1 who is very complex with a tracheostomy and is ventilated. Eleanor helps on a daily basis with her siblings care and takes on a full mum role with her younger sister as I can’t leave her younger brother due to his needs. Eleanor has had to assist on 3 occasions with cpr and on numerous occasions ringing the ambulance. She is amazing

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Outstanding Bravery

George Hall

Because he truly is inspirational. It’s not just his family that think this but everybody that works with him including his school. He’s been through so much in his short life and he never moans or complains. He’s got a very poorly heart and has had numerous heart surgeries. He has a trachestomy and is treated by the wonderful team at LGI. He is ventilated at night in bipap and has oxygen at night too and nebulisers. Just recently his tummy has stopped working completely so now he has to wear a little back pack and is fed through his nose directly into the bowel. He’s only managed 4 days at school since September due to his illnesses. He is scheduled to have surgery by a team in Sheffield to put a tube into the bowel. His teacher and his disabled social worker will all tell you what an exceptional boy he is. He rode a bike at three without stabilisers. He’s bright as a button and has no learning problems either. Despite starting school 6 months late he scored 90% in his tests.

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Special Recognition

Sarah Emmott

Sarah is 4 and a half yrs old. She is an extraordinary little girl. Battling a severe genetic kidney disease and other complex medical problems. She’s suffered illnesses most have never heard of and has gone through immense pain with past photographs too upsetting for most people to look at. Sarah has never eaten a meal, she was fed intravenously for 3 years and is now tube fed by a nasal tube that’s she’s had to live with for 4 years. At only 84cms tall and unable to walk yet she stands head and shoulders above her peers at school due to her huge personality and considerate social skills. She is extremely popular – a little celebrity in her own village! Sarah has spent a considerable amount of her short life within the walls of Leeds General Infirmary and is very well known and loved. Sarah captivates everyone and once you meet her you can never forget her. Always smiling, happy and loving despite the daily pain and procedures she’s goes through. 2 injections every day multiple medicines NG tube that has worn away her septum. Bruising and daily struggles to try to be mobile. She goes to hospital either once or twice a week on the dialysis unit for albumin infusions and is there for half a day. If someone deserves a break and some recognition then this little ray of sunshine sure does!

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Jaxon Green Moore

Jaxon has a complicated illness called ‘Leopard Syndrome’ – part of this is that he has ‘Cardiomyopathy’ (a heart condition). He and his family have supported us over the past 3 years by taking part in our fundraising events and Jaxon has organised fundraising events with his Beavers which have raised nearly £2 000 this year. Last December he fronted our Sing for your Heart campaign: This brought lots of celebrities on board.

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Winners 13 - 18 years

Sporting Achievement

Cameron Osburn

Cameron has cerebral palsy and has an overwhelming passion for football. Cameron struggled playing mainstream football, he always gave 100% but he was often left on the subs bench so he focussed on his other passion Silat (an Indonesian martial art) to help his balance strength and self-confidence. He was the 1st junior black belt in the UK and now trains other students. Cameron joined a disability football club in York and got a place with the North East and Yorkshire regional talent centre, receiving the ‘most improved player’ award in his first season. He was later selected to try out for the England squad. His team won the national CP cup and he was selected for the senior squad, which finished second in the national cup. Cameron has since formed an under 12s disability football team, Adversity United, in Harrogate, which trains weekly, providing a safe environment for children with a disability to take part in football and share his enthusiasm and passion for the game. The club has been running for nearly a year and is attended by boys and girls. He has won numerous accolades, made local radio, local and national newspapers and appeared on Look North twice.

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Outstanding Bravery

Dennis Randall

Dennis suffers a severe form of epilepsy and he can have hundreds of seizures every week. Last year Dennis was left desperately poorly after a bad seizure he lost the ability to walk talk or do anything for himself. He showed such courage and determination and has learnt to do most things again, though he has been left with cerebral palsy. He has severe learning disabilities and autism. He is the most amazingly happy smiley boy who never ever complains despite everything life throws at him.

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Young Carer

Katie and Lily Sills

Katie and Lily go above and beyond to help care for their sister. They sadly miss family time due to the family being in hospital with Mabel. But they never let anything get them down their smiles, their beautiful hearts, the love they show is truly amazing. They never complain and do all they can to help. Katie is off to university to do paediatric nursing all because of the love she has for not only her sister but others around her. Both girls deserve so much.

Special Recognition

Ella Playford

Ella is registered blind and has had to undergo major surgery for a rare spinal condition. Despite this she has and is still achieving great things musically as a singer/songwriter performing in & around Yorkshire & recording her own material. As well as this she is also a fantastic young carer for her younger sister who is also V.I as well as being severely autistic with significant learning difficulties. She uses their shared love of music to communicate with her they have a beautiful bond.

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Nitasha Mustafa

Nitasha has raised money for Cancer Research by initiating a range of projects in school.
Nitasha was nominated by her school.

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Group Award Winners

Group Award


SNAPS is a Leeds based charity which started in 2004, and operates on two sites every Saturday in term time between 9.30am and 1.30pm to provide leisure activities for children with additional needs on a non-referral basis.

At Penny Field School in Meanwood, North Leeds, we provide rebound therapy and hydrotherapy sessions led by paediatric physiotherapists, along with swimming lessons with a qualified instructor. Our second site is Broomfield School in Belle Isle, South Leeds. There we have rebound therapy, along with a ball pool and sensory room. We deliver 500 20 minute therapy sessions each term for children for £9 each, roughly one quarter of the commercial cost. SNAPS is fully privately funded, receiving no Council funding.

We encourage the whole family to participate in a range of inclusive activities, which can be arts and crafts, soft play, boccia, story sessions, music therapy or a children’s entertainer. There’s time for chatting with other families too, swapping ‘battle stories’ and building networks and friendships.

SNAPS also provides part-time paid employment, and training opportunities, for 25 people, which is a significant investment in the local economy.

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