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Honouring outstanding young people in Yorkshire Raising funds for deserving charities

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Winners 2014

Winners 0 - 12 years


Outstanding Bravery Award

Lewis Jeynes

Lewis encapsulates courage, bravery, achievement in daily life in one gorgeous little body. From being 2 years of age Lewis has experienced pain, upset, mental trauma and the overall issue of having his able life taken away from him.

Lewis recently spent over 7 months in Critical Care at Sheffield Children’s Hospital from May 2013 – December 2013 after complications related to a mistake made during PEG surgery in 2010. As a result Lewis now has a Tracheotomy and requires 24 hour care and a whole host of new machinery to maintain any quality of life. Lewis’s complex circumstances are pushing the boundaries of medical expertise and capacity locally and every day there is a new challenge or some new pain to overcome. However, everyone is still committed to ensuring every day of Lewis’s life is a brilliant one and that as a team they try and keep him as happy and healthy as possible in really challenging circumstances.

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Fundraiser Award

Evie Addleman

When Evie was first diagnosed with Crohns disease she said she wanted to help other people with the disease and she has. Evie has had her own sponsored walk with all her friends from school, her local Co-op has her picture and collecting tins in store, she has stood outside the O2 Arena in Leeds and collected donations and she has donated her birthday money! Evie has a blog, a twitter account a Facebook page and a Just giving page where she tells her story and raises awareness. She has given a radio interview, appeared in the local paper and given talks at her hospital raising awareness about Crohns. Evie’s Way has raised about £3000 and the total is still growing. There is a video on Evie’s Just Giving page where you can see how very poorly she was.

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Joint Special Recognition

Reece Randall

Reece was just under the age of 2, when he was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia with Philadelphia Chromosome. He has lived with his Grandad since the age of 8 months old.

Reece had an intensive regime of chemotherapy, as well as other medications. There were a couple of times that his family were all told that Reece may not make it. One scary time was when his heart was packing up, but he proved everyone wrong. As a family, they did lots of research, and Reece was the youngest to ever have a drug called Imatinib, which basically burned his throat, airways and insides out, but it did the job. By the age of three, Reece also had Intensive full body radiation for five days, twice a day; later this was followed by a bone marrow transplant to get rid of the leukaemia.

Grandad and Reece set up Little Heroes Charity which has provided thousands of pounds worth of distractions and toys to children in hospital during treatment for cancer. Reece has helped his Grandad with fundraising and toy drops to help other children.

Watch Reece's video

Joint Special Recognition

Jack Kirsopp

Jack has an unknown neurological condition. He has complex medical needs that include, Supra nuclear palsy, balbar palsy, no swallow, scoliosis of the spine, global developmental delay, hiatus hernia, fundoplication, micronutrients, gastrostomy and a specialist tracheostomy. He has had numerous hospital admissions throughout his life and is such a fighter. He has almost died on numerous occasions over the years and his parents have held him whilst they said their goodbyes. Despite all the heartache of this throughout the years, Jack has shown great strength, courage and bravery, capturing the hearts of everyone who comes into his life.

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Young Carer Of The Year Award

Jacob Cassidy

Jacob cares for his Mum who has epilepsy. Jake has helped look after her since he was 7 years old. If his Mum has a seizure Jake puts her to bed, he contacts family for support and he knows how to make sure his Mum is safe. Jake’s Mum’s medication and seizures can make her feel exhausted. Jake will help complete tasks at home when his Mum is unwell and he will keep an eye on his Mum and two sisters. Jake is currently training to be a Young Carers’ Ambassador so that he can be a voice for Young Carers in the UK. Jake is a high achiever at school, he is an inspiration to other Young People.

Watch Jacob's video

Sporting Achievement Award

Miles Gilbert

Miles was born with a heart condition and had a pacemaker fitted at the age of 5. He is now 10 and is a very keen football player. He found a device called a PaceGuard on the Internet that would protect his pacemaker and allow him to play football. After checking with his consultants that it would be fine for him to order a PaceGuard, Miles fundraised with his football club and his school in Harrogate to fund the device. Miles raised a lot more money than he needed, and decided to give the remaining fund to the Children’s Heart Surgery Fund. He came to the office to hand the money in and show us the PaceGuard. He is a delightful 10-year-old boy and is really happy he can play football despite his heart condition. We find Miles very inspiring, so determined at such a young age to live a life as normal as can be with a congenital heart defect, and to take so many initiatives as a child to reach his goal, and help children affected by congenital heart defects by donating the remaining funds to CHSF.

Watch Miles's video

Winners 13 - 18 years

Sporting Achievement Award

Thomas Raddings

Thomas has Down’s Syndrome. At Primary School Thomas took part in all the activities on offer and was successful in so many areas and was an extremely popular member of the school. Since leaving he has excelled at swimming with amazing success. He has swum and achieved highly at regional and national level, and has won gold medals at both, as well as winning gold for his Country in International competition at European level.

Thomas has proved that even with disabilities, with support and with sheer grit, determination, dedication, and training you can achieve, succeed and excel in sport. He is an inspiration to encourage others with disabilities to participate.

Watch Thomas's video

Young Carer Of The Year Award

Rosie King

Rosie is a young lady with Asperger’s Syndrome. She has two younger siblings (Daisy, 14 and Lenny 12) with severe autism. Rosie has always been determined to raise awareness of autism, and after appearing on local television to promote children’s autism awareness books, she was asked to present a BBC special programme ‘My Autism and Me’. She excelled at this task, despite her natural lack of sociability and innate shyness. Her goal was raising awareness and she used this strategy to help overcome her nerves. The programme went on to win many awards in the UK and an International EMMY in New York. She has now been asked by the TED Corporation to speak about autism at a global event in Washington DC. Although this is a daunting task for her, she has embraced the opportunity, written her own speech and is practicing earnestly for the event in September. Above all else though, Rosie is a loving sister and daughter. She always speaks up if someone behaves badly towards her brother and sister, but does this with a maturity and sense of understanding way beyond her years. She has become a Young Campaigner for the National Autistic Society, working on a Government paper to improve educational support for young people with autism in the mainstream setting. And all this along with the usual teenage pressures of GCSEs etc.

Watch Rosie's video

Joint Special Recognition

Ebony Fisher

Ebony was born with a heart condition and has had to undergo two open-heart surgeries up to now, with more to come in the future. Ebony, now aged 13, goes to the LGI every six months for check-ups. On top of her heart condition, Ebony has developed a very severe scoliosis over the last two years. It is leaving her in excruciating pain, and she has hardly been able to attend school as a result. It has recently been decided that the best thing for Ebony would be to have surgery, which she is now awaiting, providing her heart review is positive. Ebony was invited to speak at the Choir Concert last year and her mum told us it really boosted her moral, and we feel being recognised at the Yorkshire Children of Courage Awards would really help her cope with her coming surgery.

Watch Ebony's video

Joint Special Recognition

Nathan Popple

Nathan sustained catastrophic injuries at birth. He has cerebral palsy, uses a wheelchair and speaks and types through a computer operated by a foot pedal on his chair.

Despite these and his ongoing reliance on others for care and support he has shown determination and drive to raise awareness and fight for the rights of wheelchair users. He wants to make Leeds more accessible. A few years ago he won Campaigner of the Year at Whizz Kids awards to acknowledge his work with setting up the Accessible Leeds website to make Leeds a better place for wheelchair users. He has also recently just passed a GCSE and was absolutely delighted!

Watch Nathan's video

Fundraiser Award

Mohammed Usman

Mohammed’s work for Free The Children is outstanding. He has raised a total of £1379 to support their international development model. Free The Children visited Mohammed’s school at the beginning of January to deliver an assembly and workshops; following this Mohammed immediately got in touch to become an ambassador for the charity. He phoned up to find out exactly what he could do and how he could inspire other students in his school to help him have a positive impact in the world. He put together a plan for the summer term to engage the Year 9’s to become active citizens in their local and global communities. His enthusiasm and passion led him to be chosen to speak at We Day UK, Free The Children’s signature youth empowerment event. He addressed 12,000 people, encouraging them to follow in his footsteps and shared the stage with figures including former United States vice president Al Gore, education activist Malala Yousafzai, entrepreneur Richard Branson and Prince Harry.

He didn’t stop at this; in order to fundraise for the communities that Free The Children work in, Mohammed recruited four friends to help sell rafiki chains. Rafiki chains are hand crafted by maasai mamas in Kenya; the profit that they make when sold goes to a Free The Children community to provide clean water, food, health, education or alternative income (depending on the colour of rafiki bought).

Mohammed is an extremely proactive and socially engaged individual; He demonstrated just what students could achieve- having come from a shy individual when he first started at school to speaking to 12,000 people at Wembley Arena.

Watch Mohammed's video

Outstanding Bravery Award

David Owens

David is affected by a rare congenital condition, Marfan Syndrome, which weakens the connective tissues in his eyes, joints and heart. He lost his sight in one eye at the age of 9. In October 2013 he lost the sight in the other eye and underwent emergency surgery at Moorfields Eye Hospital in London. In total he had 6 complex operations to save his sight during the 6 months leading up to his GCSE exams and was off school recovering for 8 weeks. Despite this he studied hard and achieved 12 GCSEs, 10 of them at grade A* or A. He is also a keen Air Cadet and managed this year to qualify as a first aider, win the prestigious ‘Best Cadet’ award at his Squadron and be promoted to Corporal. Despite his difficulties, when David saw a man lying in the road in his village he immediately jumped out of his mum’s car, took charge of the incident and started administering first aid, while instructing his sister to call an ambulance. The man, a diabetic, had lost consciousness and was lying dangerously in the middle of a dark side road. He was hospitalized and made a full recovery. David is a brave and determined young man who rises above his considerable difficulties to achieve highly and to help other people in need.

Watch David's video