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Honouring outstanding young people in Yorkshire Raising funds for deserving charities

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Winnners 2012

Winners 0 - 12 years


Outstanding Bravery Award

Leah Bell

Leah Bell was the rear car seat passenger in an rtc that killed her father and two brothers. She never lost consciousness and was in hospital for 5 months. The recovery and bravery which Leah has shown has been amazing.


Outstanding Bravery Award

Tyler Jessop

Tyler was aged 4 when he sustained a severe brain injury from a road traffic accident, he is now registered blind and has significant impairment of his motor function; he I now in a wheel chair. Tyler attends main stream school and loves Harry Potter and Horrid Henry; he has recently taken up horse riding and gives much pleasure to family and friends.


Fundraiser Award

Charlie Clark

Charlie is 9 years old and has Down’s syndrome. He wanted to help support local children with disabilities so he ran 1.5K with his dad and they raised £1,300 for disabled children’s charity KIDS. His caring ways and by putting others before himself has made him into a real local hero.


Special Recognition

Oscar Bates

Oscar was born a healthy and happy baby but sadly was diagnosed with cancer aged 2. He underwent chemotherapy and surgery and because of further complications required part of his bowel removing. Oscar managed to fight off cancer but got brain damage as a result of the surgery and received 24 hour care. Amid all this adversity, Oscar has remained his cheerful self and is an inspiration to us all.


Special Recognition

Alfie Holland

Alfie was only born with half a heart and was expected to be in hospital for the first few weeks of his life. He proved everyone wrong and was only in hospital for 3 days and was taken home in time to be with his family. He has had several heart surgeries and in the last one suffered damage to his diaphragm which has left him with breathing problems. Despite all these things he is always smiling, determined and never ceases to amaze his family and friends.


Young Carer Of The Year Award

Alice Firth

Alice is aged 8 and was born to care. At home her older brother has severe learning difficulties, at school she performs a formal ‘buddy’ role for her friend George, a wheelchair user and she is great supportive friend to Ruby, a power wheelchair user who can’t speak.


Courage Award

Isobol Poole

Isobol was burned badly during a fire 4 years ago and has shown remarkable bravery and tenacity in her quest to get well. Isobol has gone through intensive treatment and throughout the treatment has been an inspiration to other burnt victims. She is always positive, cheerful and has an outgoing personality which is a great example for others.

Winners 13 - 18 years


Outstanding Bravery Award

Colin McDonnell

Colin is 18 years and has athetoid cerebal palsy. Colin is always looking to improve access to technology for young people and has been an inspiration to the William Merritt Centre to develop their Technology for Teens service. In the last year he has had brain surgery and had his own health problems, but has still been encouraging his friends- and the centre to develop equipment, try things out and advise companies on new equipment.


Fundraiser Award

Jonathan Orpwood

Jonathan underwent brain surgery aged just 10 years old. He’s encouraged friends and family to support his efforts and given assemblies at school getting pupils and teachers to raise money too. He’s done bake- sales, talks, sponsored events and been an amazing ambassador/ fundraiser for Neurocare.


Special Recognition

Harry Crowther

Harry atypical progeria syndrome this is a very rare genetic condition. Harry is a fundraiser and as such was recognised as an Olympic torch bearer. He then used this opportunity to raise the profile for his campaigning and his fundraising.


Young Carer Of The Year Award

Thomas Connors

Thomas has experienced many difficulties throughout his childhood and without complaining has taken on a very significant role in caring for his mum. Thomas is a caring and kind, he always puts others needs before his own. His mum describes him as her rock. His most recent achievement was completing his own appeal for high school.


Sporting Achievement Award

Katy Morris

Since joining PGS, Katy has been an inspirational sport performer and leader. Katy has represented the school at Athletics, Rugby and Football. Within PE lessons, Katy’s disability has never hindered or been a barrier to Katy being successful. In fact, Katy excels at any sport/activity. It is Katy’s determination to succeed that makes Katy stand out from others – she is absolutely amazing.


Fundraiser Award

George Stoker

George was diagnosed with a brain tumour in October 2008. He underwent 48 weeks of gruelling chemotherapy as part of his treatment, however with his positive attitude and his caring nature he kept on noticing that other children were ‘more poorly’ than himself and became determined to help them. Since then, on his own road to recovery, he has raised £50,000 for Candlelighters a local cancer charity. He is a cheerful, enthusiastic and determined young man who inspires all he meets.

Group Award Winners


Panel Category

Willow Young Carers Service

Willow is a support service for young carers aged 5-18 years old living in Leeds. We support children and young people who care for a family member affected by a physical or mental health illness, disability or substance misuse problem. Willow’s overall aim is to reduce the most negative and damaging effects that some young carers experience whilst acknowledging that those children and young people who may be well adapted to their caring roles still need support and time out.