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Honouring outstanding young people in Yorkshire Raising funds for deserving charities

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Winners 2011

Winners 0 - 12 years


Outstanding Bravery Award

Isobel Vitty

In April 2011, this winner donated her bone marrow to save her little brothers life. She is now 3, (was 2 and a half at the time) and her brother is 1 and a half. He has juvenile leukaemia. The operation was a success at Sheffield Children’s Hospital and her brother is doing well so far.


Fundraiser Award

Bethany Hare

Inspired by her grandfather’s love of Charlie Chaplin, this ten‐year‐old winner dressed up like the legendary comic to star in her own video tribute.

The heart‐warming home-made film, featuring the schoolgirl singing the song ‘Smile’, was posted on the Just Giving website to raise funds of over £7,500 for a children’s hospice.


Special Recognition

Sadie Rose Clifford

For fighting cancer so bravely, for always smiling and for being such an inspiration to us all. She has been through way way too much for her age and still has so far to go.

Extremely brave little girl going through the most terrible of illnesses. Such an inspiration,she deserves to be recognised.


Special Recognition

Theo Singh-Eyley

This winner is only 4 yr old and has under gone 24 surgical procedures in his short life. He has also fought bacterial meningitis and keeps smiling no matter what!!! He was born at 29 wk and has quadriplegic cerebral palsy, epilepsy and is severely sight impaired. He is fed through his bowel and in our eyes is an absolute star! He is a very loving sociable little boy who now attends Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice. He deserves to be nominated . If it wasn’t for his bravery and fighting spirit he would have given up along time ago. Thank you for considering him love his very proud mum.


Young Carer Of The Year Award

Megan de La Cruz

This winner has been described to me as beautiful inside and out by many people and I have to agree. Her little brother came into her life when she was only just 3 and she has been amazing with him from day one, he loves her more than anything and no matter how poorly or frustrated he is its this winner that makes him smile.


Fundraiser Award

Jack Carroll

This winner is a 12 year old boy with Cerebral Palsy. His stand up comedy is an inspiration to us all. He never complains about his condition but instead looks at the positives in life. By doing his stand up routine, he hopes it encourages other children with similar disabilities.


Sporting Achievement Award

James Kellett

When this winner was 8, after months of being pestered, his parents took him indoor karting for the first time.

This winner is dyslexic and struggles academically, so they thought that if we give him the opportunity to compete in karting properly, it would give him more confidence at school and hopefully give him a chance to build on something that he wants to do and obviously excels in, so we decided to buy him his own kart (and everything that goes with it) and took him all round the country to compete at different kart race meetings. We knew absolutely nothing about karting then, only that this winner was pretty good at it!

Since then he has continued to race and win many club race events all around Great Britain and has even competed in Belgium and Italy and is now officially the British ‘number 13 seed’ driver. As an extra little insight into this winner’s character, on the weekends when he isn’t racing, he goes to various different kart clubs around the country helping younger karters improve their racing, by teaching them the correct racing lines and advising them on all aspects of racecraft.


Outstanding Bravery Award

Louis Brooke

This winner is just 12 and for the last year has fought illness always with a smile…he had an emergency liver transplant on the 25th September 2010 after his liver failed suddenly, then he was diagnosed with plastic anaemia…and in March this year was diagnosed with cancer. He is now in remission and has returned to school after 14 months but throughout it all he has always been brave and put everyone else’s feelings before his own and I am very proud to call him my son.

Winners 13 - 18 years


Sporting Achievement & Fundraiser Award

Huw & Carys Thatcher

This 15 year old winner passed away in March this year playing football ‐ a sport Huw loved. A trust was set up to remember him and has since raised £34,000 for brain injured people. Huw had a charitable giving heart and we know how proud he would of been of everyone (especially Carys his sister) who has raised money to help others.


Young Carer Of The Year Award

Dylan Graydon

Nominated for being part of Bluebell Wood Hospice Children’s siblings group. Helping other children have a fun filled and normal day without the stress of having a disabled sibling to contend with.


Fundraiser Award

Oliver Sapier

This winner was born with a stomach and bowl that do not work properly. To this day he and his parents have only ever got a partial diagnosis and his team of consultants and surgeons from the LGI and GOSH are still trying to solve his medical condition. For the first two years of his life he was more or less a permanent patient in St James hospital, unable to eat or drink fed by machines. In that time he suffered from five bouts of Septicaemia and had 5 operations. now 14 years old, he has had over 40 surgical procedures/ operations. Although he is now able to eat he has an over night feed into his bowl to maintain his nutrition. He has over 40 medications a day, to keep things working and to try and keep on top of his constant pain. He gives himself a daily injection to help his growth He is still in and out of hospital both in Leeds and London.

To people outside of his family he is always happy and smiling trying to battle on and be as normal as any other boy. Even though his problems stop him doing so many things that we all take for granted like going to sleep over’s or going away on school trips.